Revised for Core 9.x

Generate structured PDF reports for your MobileIron installations.


We have released version 1.2 of our MobileIron Configuration reporting tool.

This now supports Core 9.0.x and 9.1.x installs.

This is a java based command line tool and generates pdf files with the details of the MobileIron core application configurations.

An example of the output generated can be found here.


java -jar(path to jar)/mireport-app-1.0.jar -c(name of settings file)

   java -jar -c:/test/mireports-app-1.0.jar -cC:/test2/serversettings.xml

Optional LogFile parameter:
   java -jar(path to jar)/mireport-app-1.0.jar -c(name of settings file) -l(full path to log)

   java -jar -c:/test/mireports-app-1.0.jar -cC:/test-setting/serversettings.xml -lC:/test-log/testing.log

If you wish to download this java version, you can access it here.

We'd appreciate feedback on the tool, in particular if there are specific configurations which we have not considered in the reporting, so please leave a comment or contact us at