Edit 25/06/2017: Connected Cloud bug resolved.  Also tested on Core 9.4, 9.3
Edit 28/09/2016: We now support 9.0.x and 9.1.x versions of MobileIron core.

Edit 29/06/2016: The tool has now been updated to correct some minor bugs.

Tracking and documenting MobileIron Core installations is not that easy so we wrote a small tool for internal use a while back which exported MobileIron core configs to csv files.

We then took this a step further and made a web based version of the tool which produces structured pdfs allowing quick reporting of customer installs.

This did not fit some of our security conscious customers as the core was often unreachable to the outside world and so we had to go and find an alternative solution.

We have now developed a standalone version of our reporting tool which when run against a MobileIron core will create a pdf report of the configurations and profiles.  This provides detailed and extremely quick reporting of the MobileIron Configurations enabling historic archiving of the configurations for documentation purposes.

This is a java based command line tool, currently supporting core 8.5.0.x, 9.0.x, 9.1.x

Running the tool against MobileIron Core will produce a report, you can download an example report (well, the first 10 pages...), here.

If you wish to download this java version, you can access it here.

We'd appreciate feedback on the tool, in particular if there are specific configurations which we have not considered in the reporting, so please leave a comment or contact us at info@clevermobile.it